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Creative yet polished, The BRENTWILSON collection comprises of a flawless range of high quality and discreetly luxurious pieces known to express a man’s individuality and personality.

Constructed with fabrics sourced from leading mills around the world, Brent ensures the finest sewing techniques and processes are used to create his BRENTWILSON collection.

BRENTWILSON RTW, Made to measure and the Signature jacket series all come together to form the Brent Wilson label…

The essences of the BRENTWILSON ready-to-wear collection is to offer the customer worldly options that are not attached to a season or trend, making this collection forever timeless and easy to incorporate and adapt to any occasion or styling, there is no right or wrong way.

BRENTWILSON Made-to-Order Suiting was created with a specific purpose to offer men an experience to wear beautiful, tailor-made suits that Brent and the customer collaborate on together. “ It is important for a man to enjoy and take pride in the suit that he wears; it is an essential item in his wardrobe and it is important it fits him well. Customers enjoy being part of the process and having a suit that is fitted just for them.”

Brent Wilson Signature jacket collection is a truly unique concept. All jackets are one of a kind; no two jackets are ever the same yet all jackets are purchased off the rack. “The jacket seems to choose the owner. From the moment you lay eyes on a Signature jacket it is as though it has been made for you, you see yourself in it, it reflects your personality and it definitely satisfies your desire and need to look like an individual” The jackets from the Signature collection are already in demand; singer Prince liked the Signature collection so much that he wore a white sequined fitted jacket to open his recent Sydney shows.

The BRENTWILSON collection highlights Brent’s creativity and appreciation for design. “This collection is an expression of my ideas and a representation of my beliefs thoughts and values.”




Prince wearing a Brent Wilson Signature Jacket