BRENTWILSON Made To Measure suiting service is a collaboration between brand and client. It’s a process where we focus ideas and inspiration into the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion, by utilising quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, professional advice, and a wide range of fabrics and styles. Let’s delve into how the process works: 
Step 1: The Consultation 
Communication is key to any collaboration, which is why the initial consultation is arguably the most important part of the Made to Measure service. We will discuss everything from fit, style, material, pattern, detail, purpose and construction, as well as taking you through our extensive fabric, lining and button options. This is where the client’s ideas and tastes are moulded with the BRENTWILSON aesthetic to create something unique and relevant
Step 2: The First Fitting  
Our Made To Measure products are fitted in a way that keeps the process simple and efficient whilst still allowing complete customisation. Fittings are based on our off-the-rack sizing, with fully customisable measurements to ensure it's tailored for your individual body shape and type. This allows for the client to see what the product will look like before it is made, giving you the confidence that the product will turn out exactly how you would like it to.
Step 3: The Details 
Made To Measure allows unlimited style & design options to be used for Jackets, Pants, Shirts and Coats. We listen, hear and then collaborate with our clients to create a unique garment that is specifically designed and tailored to your vision and inspirations.
Step 4: The Second Fitting 
4-6 weeks after your order is placed, your suit will be delivered to our store where we will arrange an appointment for your second fitting. It is at this time where you will try on your garment and one of our professional fitters will take you through the alteration process (if any are necessary) Our experienced tailors will complete further alterations over the course of the next week, where we will then invite you back for a final fitting to ensure that everything has been completed beyond your expectations. 
Step 5: Wear With Pride 
Wearing a suit with confidence and style is one of life’s great luxuries, and your BRENTWILSON Made To Measure suit will fulfil this in spades. Wear it, enjoy it, and become involved in a better way of life. Inspirational, Empowered, Beautiful & Strong.
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